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Son (S)    : Why is making love so enjoyable?
Father (F) : It is just like the sensation when you are digging your nose with your finger !!

S : Why do women enjoy sex  more than man?
F : It is because when you dig your nose, your nose feels more comfort than your finger.

S: Why do women hate it when they get raped?
F: It is like when you are walking on the street, someone else come over and dig your nose, do you like it ??

S: Why woman cannot have  . . . when they are having menses?
F: If your nose is bleeding, do you still dig it ??

S: Why man do not like to wear condoms when they are making love.
F: Do you like to dig your nose with a glove on your finger.

S: Why are making love carried out in private?
F: Use your blain, use your blainnnnn….Will you dig you nose in front of your class? Stupid!

S: Wah . . father you very good.


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